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ABC to Tadpoles Bookmarklet

ABC is a type of music notation. It is often used in forums and Usenet groups to share tunes.

For some of us that read traditional sheet music better than ABC it is tedious to be continually copying and pasting ABC into a converter so I wrote a bookmarklet to do it automatically. It allows you to highlight some ABC and immediately see it rendered as dots.

To use it you need to save the bookmarklet into your browser bookmarks. Then when you see some ABC you can select it with the mouse and click the bookmark. You will be taken to the Montreal Session Tunebook pages where they have an ABC converter and the selected ABC will be loaded and converted for you.

To Install:

ABC to Tadpoles


Highlight the text below and click the bookmark:

T:Pricess Royal
d/2c/2 | "G" BAG d/2c/2 | BAGd | "C" ec c/2d/2e/2c/2 | "G" dB B/2c/2d/2B/2 |
"Am" cBAG | "D" F/2G/2A/2F/2 D d/2c/2 | "C" B A/2G/2 "D" AF | "G" G2 G :||:
d | "C" e>d e>d | e "D" f "G" g2 | gfed | BG "D" A2 |
"G" GG "D" A/2B/2c/2A/2 | "G" B/2A/2 Gg2 | gd "C" e2 | "G" dB "C" c2 |
"Am" cBAG | "D" F/2G/2A/2F/2 D d/2c/2 | "G" B A/2G/2 "D" AF | "G" G2 G :|

August 2010

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